Wentworth Point

Wentworth Point


July 2020


Wentworth Point, Sydney, NSW


Environmental Engineering

The project, owned by Sekisui House and constructed by Parkview Constructions Pty Ltd, is a high density residential development. The overall development, located on approximately 9.4 Ha of land in Wentworth Point, involved the demolition of the existing site structures on reclaimed industrial land and the construction of three 4–5 storey and one 25 storey tower of residential apartment buildings.

The site is situated within an area of mixed land uses, including construction material and building suppliers, high density residential apartments and vacant land.

EI Australia was initially engaged to undertake an Additional Site Investigation (ASI), the aim of which was to fill data gaps in previously prepared Detailed Site Investigations prepared by others, and from that, prepare a Remediation Action Plan (RAP). From our initial investigation, it was determined that the potential for ground gases existed and it was determined that a Ground Gas Risk Assessment was required to confirm the Conceptual Site Model. An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the site was also prepared as a result of our investigations.

EI performing an on-site ground gas risk assessment

One of the interesting aspects of this project was the investigation techniques adopted by EI Australia environmental engineers to determine the source of the ground gases found on site. By using innovative and rarely used processes involving isotope technology, our engineers were able to confirm the source of the ground gases was surprisingly not from where initially thought. The use of this unique solution allowed, what was already an extremely time sensitive project, to continue uninterrupted, saved significant amounts of money for the client and alleviated significant construction delay by providing an innovative solution to a ground gas issue.

As the project continues through the next stages, EI Australia’s expertise continues to be used by the client and builder to work with them to investigate, and if needed remediate and validate any environmental engineering issues that may arise.

Artist impression of the completed project

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