Deicorp Rockdale

Deicorp Rockdale


January 2015


Chapel Street, Rockdale


Geotechnical Engineering

The project, commenced in 2015, involved the demolition of all existing structures across multiple locations, and the construction of 4 separate towers (A1, A2, B and C) ranging between 9 and 14 residential storeys with 1-2 levels of combined retail and commercial space and 2-4 Basement level carparks.

EI Australia was initially engaged to undertake a Geotechnical Investigation as is normal for projects of this nature.  As the project progressed, combined with Environmental Engineering investigations, EI Australia provided additional assistance in the form of Insitu stress assessments, Impact Assessments, Inclinometer Monitoring, Geotechnical Inspections and Hydrogeological Assessments.

One aspect of this project that required particular attention by our geotechnical team, was the need to provide asset protection for a highly important Sydney Water concrete culvert that ran through part of the construction site. Working closely with the client and Sydney Water, our geotechnical team utilised undertook an Impact Assessment together with Insitu Stress Testing and utilised PLAXIS modelling tools and were able to ensure that the building saddled the culvert in a safe manner with no adverse impact on the asset and ensuring that all parties were satisfied with the outcome.

As the project continues through the next stages, EI Australia’s expertise continues to be used by the client and builder to work with them to investigate and offer advice on any geotechnical and environmental engineering issues that may arise.

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Industrial Site Declared as Significantly Contaminated Land under CLM Act

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