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30 years of excellence

Founded in 1994, EI Australia is an Australian-owned, professional services company providing combined engineering and scientific solutions across Australia with an international presence in New Zealand. We are also involved in overseas projects predominantly in South East Asian countries. EI Australia’s Group continually growing permanent team members are made of more than 180 members comprised of consultants specialising in the fields of structural, civil, environmental and geotechnical engineering supported by experts in the geology and hydrogeology fields .


Our People

Who we are

EI Australia is made up of people with local and international experience from many diverse backgrounds. From graduates to highly experienced professionals, our team includes:

  • Structural, Civil, Environmental and Geotechnical Engineers;
  • Environmental Scientists. Engineering Geologists and Hydrogeologists;
  • Institute of Engineers Registered Chartered Engineers;
  • Engineers Australia Chartered Professional Engineers;
  • EIANZ Certified Environmental Practitioner Site Contamination Specialists (CEnvP SC);
  • National Licensed Asbestos Assessors and Occupational Hygienist;
  • Internationally experienced Slope Risk Assessors; and
  • Drilling Engineers

Our Value

What do we bring?

EI Australia has a proven reputation for delivering value through:

  • A practical and highly experienced technical team
  • An understanding of complex site issues to provide solutions at reduced costs
  • And maintaining compliance while working within regulatory frameworks

Our Vision

The Future

EI Australia has always, and will continue to provide practical, quality and responsive engineering and science based consulting solutions to our clients that differentiate us by:

  • Understanding to our client’s project objectives
  • Being responsive to client’s priorities
  • Directing our experience and knowledge to achieve our clients preferred outcomes
  • Maintaining and implementing our accredited ISO quality standards, and
  • Maintaining and nurturing our talented company profile to be responsive while minimising unnecessary corporate delay
  • Continually nurturing our employees to provide the most appropriate information while minimising unnecessary client delay

EI Australia's Sydney HQ Office

We have finally finished the renovations of our office at the EI Australia HQ in Pyrmont, Sydney!

We are so excited to utilise this space with our growing staff and clients.


Worker Health and Safety

Everyone has a right to be safe at work. EI Australia ensure that our safety systems protect the physical and mental health and safety of our workers, family members, employers, customers, and many others who might be affected by the workplace environment, wherever they be in the field, travelling or in the office.

Our team are regularly consulted with, and provided information, training and instructions on the management of their own health and safety as well as others around them.

Environmental Management

The protection and maintenance of our environment for all future generations is at the forefront of everything we do. The management and staff of EI Australia are committed to the identification and application of environmentally efficient and responsible science based strategies when providing services to our clients.

We recognise, and have the necessary accredited processes to ensure that compliance with environmental legislation is a shared responsibility, which requires the cooperation of all people in the workplace, including management, employees, consultants and suppliers.

People, Sustainable Growth and Development

EI Australia, both from a corporate and employee perspective, are alert to our responsibilities to be more socially and environmentally aware as well as accountable and responsible for the impact that everything we do can have.  Our continued development relies on growth that is repeatable, ethical and responsible to, and for, current and future communities. We believe that our people are central and crucial to our sustainable growth and continued development. It is our people that have, and always will be the cornerstone of our ongoing success. We will continue to do this by:

  • Having a clear purpose
  • Maintaining existing customers
  • By collaboration and developing long term partnerships and relationships
  • Maintaining a strong brand
  • Continually developing our team
  • Developing a sense of community


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