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Structural Engineering Team

The EI Australia structural team is at the cutting edge of innovative and creative engineering design, with a commitment to continuously push the boundaries in order to deliver exceptional and unique results, alongside practical and cost-effective designs. Our impressive portfolio demonstrates the flexible, inspirational and intelligent minds behind the structures we deliver, which allows us to tailor each design process in order to meet the needs of our clients. Our team are a group of talented engineers who have worked with tier 1 consultants both nationally and internationally, as well as many varied contractors. This provides our clients with the confidence that we are very well versed in effective delivery of significant and iconic high quality projects.

At EI Australia, our team does not just gain construction certification approval. We design and document the most cost effective and buildable solution, which separates us from our competitors.

We take the initiative and responsibility to ensure that our designs are always coordinated with other disciplines. By adopting this methodology, our clients can be saved from cost issues during the construction phase when delays to time critical construction activity are most expensive. Site issues can be cumbersome and time consuming. Rather than hiding from these, EI Australia mobilise resources to eliminate problems before they escalate to significant issues that may require expensive solutions causing major cost overruns.



Structural Engineering

  • Feasibility analysis;
  • Conceptual Structural Design;
  • Tender Structural Design;
  • Full Structural Design.


Design Documentation

  • All documentation is prepared in REVIT 3D software.
  • Application of your preferred Level of Detail up to LOD 300.
  • Adoption of your CAD standards as required.
  • All our REVIT models are available for co-ordination and visualisation.


Value Engineering

  • Our team always looks to reduce our clients capital costs wherever possible by examining incumbent solutions and providing optimised structural alternatives and outcomes.
  • We will adopt material and structural components as requested to enable cost effective or expedited construction.


Temporary and Final Shoring Design and Documentation

  • The use of advanced computer modelling tools to optimise solutions to actual site conditions.
  • The EI Australia team can assist with a variety Temporary and Final Shoring Design and documentation works including concrete pier and shotcrete walls, contiguous walls, secant pile walls, Steel soldier and shotcrete walls, Temporary Steel Sheet piling walls and retaining walls.
  • Our team can also assist with the restraining of shoring walls either via internal braces or external use of anchors or cantilevered as required by our clients.


Pile and Foundation Design

  • By utilising our team of experienced geotechnical engineers to interpret geotechnical reports, we are able to optimise all foundation designs.
  • Our team can assist with raft foundations, pile rafts or conventional pads and piles.


Our other specialist services include...

Reinforce Concrete & Post Tensioned Concrete Design

  • Our team have available and use the latest computer modelling tools such as RAMConcept, RAPT and Inducta Slab
  • Computer modelling tools such as ETABS and RCB are utilised for modelling overall building behaviour.

Steel Structures Design

  • Modelling tools such as Spacegas and Etabs are used to assist in structural steel design.
  • The EI Australia team can assist with a variety of Steel Structure designs including, but not limited to, Hot rolled and Cold Formed steel design;

Timber Structures Design

Masonry Design both reinforced and unreinforced

Dilapidation Surveys

Construction Phase Services

  • Our team works diligently to ensure that the design intent for the structural solution has been achieved.
  • All of our staff attending site during all phases of the project are educated in site safety behaviour and all necessary WorkCover requirements;

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