RUOK? Breakfast - Supporting Beyond Blue


September 7, 2020

RUOK? Day is on Thursday 10 September. EI Australia will be supporting RUOK? by holding a staff office breakfast this coming Thursday. To make this worthwhile, EI Australia will be is supporting Beyond Blue because we want to make a difference. We always ensure the health and safety and mental wellbeing of our employees.  And we are inspired by the work that Beyond Blue does and want to support them.

Spending a lot of time with your work colleagues puts you in a good position to notice when something’s up. A lot of us have close friendships with one or more of our workmates. However, it can be tricky to navigate a conversation with someone about how they’re going – beyond the everyday chats you have – in your workplace.

One in five workers in Australia is currently experiencing a mental health condition so it’s possible that someone you know may be going through a hard time and be in need of support. You may notice changes in a workmate’s behaviour that might indicate they’re not coping.

If you can, please donate to this very worthwhile cause. Every donation made helps and makes a significant impact to mental health in Australia, so thank you in advance for your generosity. Click the 'Donate' button to donate and you will automatically receive a receipt. Donate now.

Please join EI Australia by asking RUOK?, not only on this coming Thursday, but every day. And Thank you for supporting Beyond Blue!


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