Waste & Landfill Monitoring

EI’s CLM team is highly experienced in delivering comprehensive environmental services for a wide range private industry and government clients.

Increasing emphasis by Government regulators on the control and management of landfill sites and the assessment of soil, vapour emissions and environmental impacts from migrating groundwater contamination. Our capabilities and the services provided in relation to landfill sites are outlined as follows:

Feasibility Studies & Landfill Design

  • Site selection
  • Hydrogeological and geotechnical investigations.
  • Longer term monitoring requirements.
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Hydrogeological assessment
  • Surface water management systems
  • Gas extraction system
  • Cover materials specifications
  • Cost estimates (closure)

Landfill Environmental Management Plans (LEMPs)

Given the nature of waste disposal operations and their consequent long-term implication on the environment, EI has substantial experience in all aspects of landfill operation and management and is ideally placed to provide landfill owners/ operators with environmental management plans, which not only meet regulatory requirements, but are also practicable.

In addition to meeting legislative requirements, a performance based landfill environmental management plan prepared on the basis of best management practices is also a valuable tool for managing the long term liability of landfilling operations.

Landfill Gas Emission Investigations and Leachate in Groundwater Monitoring

Assessments are commonly required for establishing baseline conditions and predicting future movement, quantity and quality of groundwater and the potential for leachate leaking from landfills to cause contamination.

For existing landfills subsurface assessments may include:

  • Gas surveys using methane and CO2 meters;
  • Soil and groundwater investigations involving soil property testing an laboratory analysis;
  • Drilling and installation of gas extraction and groundwater monitoring wells;
  • In-situ hydraulic properties measurements;
  • Landfill groundwater monitoring programmes and assessment of landfill leachate impacts on groundwater;
  • Test pumping to measure the quantity and quality of landfill gas, as well as determining the Radius of Influence (ROI) for gas extraction wells;
  • Detailed design and management of landfill leachate collection and treatment systems;
  • Fate and transport modelling of landfill leachate groundwater plumes for evaluation of potential containment strategies and the efficiency of such methodologies and likely impact, both on and off site;
  • Landfill gas risk assessments; and
    •  Groundwater (aquifer) risk assessment.

Landfill Geotechnical Services

  • Landfill cell construction audits; and
  • Appraisal of landfill clay liner construction materials and identification of material sources.

Leachate Treatment

EI is experienced in the design and implementation of leachate and/or groundwater treatment systems at major landfills nationally, covering a wide range of geological conditions.

Following site assessments and identification of potential problems, EI will design and undertake or manage trials of various technologies incorporating physical, chemical and biological treatment.

Gas Recovery

Recovery and utilisation of methane generated within a landfill has been demonstrated to be viable, and increasingly landfill operators are seeing the efficacy of this option in controlling odours, as well as harnessing the associated energy resource. EI engineers have assessed such proposals, undertaking the economic evaluation and providing systems designs.

EI engineers have also developed gas collection systems utilising conventional vertical gas extraction well technology, horizontal gas collection systems that are installed in shallow fill areas, and combined leachate extraction/gas collection wells and header systems. We have experience in lateral migration control involving gas extraction facilities both inside the waste mass and outside the refuse boundary.

Landfill Closure

EI are able to provide final design and management plans for landfill closures to allow for confidence in closure procedures and the successful long term management of the closed landfill.

waste landfield

Urban waste transfer site situated over former landfill