About EI

Our Mission

EI Australia (EI) is an Australian-owned, professional services company providing environmental and geotechnical engineering solutions on greenfield and brownfield sites across New South Wales and Australia.

EI’s mission is to assist our clients to achieve their required project outcomes while effectively managing risks associated with site-specific contamination and geotechnical conditions.

Our Edge

What differentiates EI in this complex and competitive field of site investigation, is our focus on:

  • Understanding your project objectives;
  • Being responsive to your priorities; and
  • Directing the necessary experience and expertise to achieve your required outcomes.

The Value We Add

EI delivers value through:

  • Effective use of an experienced and innovative technical team;
  • Efficient delivery of quality service and deliverables at reduced costs;
  • Innovative solutions to complex site issues while achieving compliance with relevant environmental standards, with due regard for individual project needs.

Our Evolution

Originally established in 1994 as a groundwater supply development firm (Sydney Groundwater Co), EI has evolved organically into a capable and experienced team of scientists and engineers performing geotechnical and site contamination investigations and carrying out soil and groundwater remediation when necessary.

Accreditations & Affiliations

aclcaEI is well known and respected by many NSW EPA accredited Site Auditors and is a member company of the Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association (ACLCA), whose code of practice requires professional competence, quality management, ethical standards and the protection of worker health, safety and the environment.

In addition, a number of EI’s scientists and engineers are currently undergoing the process of becoming Certified Site Contamination Practitioners for Australia.


EI’s Geotechnical Engineering Team includes Chartered Professional Engineers with the Institute of Engineers Australia and RMS-approved Slope Risk Assessors. Members of our team are also registered on the National Professional Engineers Register.

EI is also a Corporate Member of the Australian Geomechanics Society.

Worker Health & Safety

At EI we strive to maintain high safety levels in all our work and are committed to providing a safe working environment for staff and visitors by adhering to relevant health and safety standards, as required under the NSW Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

This is achieved by acting in accordance with EI’s WH&S Policy which requires, among other things: compliance with relevant codes of practice, project-specific job risk assessments, planning and implementation of risk management measures, safety training, incident reporting and the immediate correction of unsafe behaviours, staff consultation on safety issues and the provision of equipment and resources to meet worker health & safety requirements.

Environmental Management

Through its Environmental Management System (EMS), EI management and staff at all levels ensure that a high standard of environmental responsibility and performance is consistently maintained. In accordance with our EMS, EI:

  • Promotes and encourages the integration of project environmental findings and recommendations, into our clients’ planning, decision making, and general business practices;
  • Follows relevant environmental legislation, regulations and guidance, implementing critical updates, as they become available;
  • Implements reasonable actions to prevent pollution through proactive environmental management initiatives that promote waste reduction and resource conservation;
  • Sets environmental objectives and targets to make it possible for environmental impacts and performance of our clients’ businesses to be managed responsibly;
  • Strives to achieve continuous environmental improvement;
    Promotes efficient use of energy by customers and employees; and
    Provides appropriate training to staff to ensure that all work is conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.

People, Growth and Development

EI’s experienced team comprises qualified earth scientists, hydrogeologists, environmental chemists and engineers, offering over 100 years of total combined, professional experience in a range of industry sectors, including:

  • Upstream and downstream oil and gas;
  • Rail and road infrastructure;
  • Light and heavy industry / manufacturing;
  • Government;
  • Property development, land rezoning and urban renewal.

EI is dedicated to the professional growth of its people, through technical mentoring by senior staff and the provision of internal and external technical and management training.

This reflects our company-wide commitment to applying our best resources for addressing our clients’ environmental and geotechnical challenges.


Stockpile sampling for waste classification

Tank infrastructure

Tank infrastructure holding industrial chemicals

pos remediation

Post-remediation UPSS validation sampling on a braced basement excavation